Bird Release ceremony - Feed back - 2007

Welcome to the Bird releasing ceremony feed back room ( BRC ), This year 2007 i had decided to collect some of the BRC feedback .

1. Posted: 17 Nov 2007 01:06 am

Dear Master!

The BRC you performed for my husband shows its benefits.Things are really improving for my husband!

God bless you for your help and the patience you have with me. I'll pm the details.

Always grateful, rose

2. Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:16 pm    

Great news, Master! You did it! My husband was finally confirmed yesterday that he got the substantial pay rise that he requested, and more - the management even gave him a bit more than the increment that he asked for! Wow!

Thank you for doing the Bird Release Ceremony and prayers for him.

I have also thanked my Pi Yaos for their support in this case.

May you also enjoy good health, abundance and happiness always!

With metta,


3. Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2007 10:49 am    

The brcs have been very good for all concern. 2 have said about healing and having winnings on pokies. from $500-1500. jackpots. I myself , more on the healing side. My daughter started a healthy regime and my son is well and healthy and will be home soon and holidays for him as it was not approved a month ago. I recommend brc to all who feel if they need a overhaul
Thanking you again Master.


4. Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:38 pm    

Dearest Master,

I would just like to update you and everyone else on the developments since you helped us with the bird releasing ceremony 2 Saturdays ago.

Almost every day we received something very positive regarding his career! It is amazing! Thank you soooo much!

On Monday he received an email from a Employer 1 (an MNC), telling him in no uncertain terms, that they would like him to join them for a 1+ yr project with very attractive rates. It is now only a matter of drawing up the contract. However, that company is still in the process of bidding for the project, and so they can only give him the contract if and when the project is awarded.

On Tuesday he met Employer 2 (his dream company) where the boss told him that he certainly will hire him before September, because my husband fits the boss's requirements perfectly. He just needs time to work with the HR department to allocate the headcount accordingly, which will take about 1 mth or so. In fact, he has confidently asked my husband to turn down all other offers because he will definitely hire him and with excellent compensation.

On Wednesday my husband informed the Employer 1 that he may not be able to wait for the award of the project because it is not confirmed, while turning down a permanent, confirmed position at with Employer 2, one of the top IT companies in the world.

On Friday my husband heard that another boss from Employer 2 (the dream company) has been inquiring about him, and considering him for another position in a different department. The consultants whom my husband worked with before all highly recommended him, and told that boss that she MUST hire him.

Today (Monday), my husband met Employer 1 again, thinking that he will formally turn them down because he cannot commit to an unconfirmed project. Employer 1 instead offered him a permanent position within the company, so as not to risk losing him! They will be able to draw up the contract for him in 3 weeks! With his permanent position, his exposure and opportunities are multiplied!

All this is so amazing! So many things happening so quickly! I am so grateful that so many doors are held open for him now, and all of them are wonderful opportunities.

In a way, there is no "wrong" choice here, because all of them are what he is passionate abt and good at, and will push him in the direction that he wants to go. Even if none of these work out, there is still another employer who has his eye on my husband with the intention of putting him on his future projects.

I am so happy and excited for my husband! That his talents are recognized and he is given the opportunity to pursue them. I am so proud of him.

Prior to all this, my husband has always been a very good performer, with good reviews from his superiors and peers alike. However, there were sometimes obstacles to overcome or endure, and he didn't always get what he desired.

In a way, I believe that his time has come, because he's just finished his 6yr bond with the government this June, and eager for the freedom to pursue what he does best. Prior to last week, the employers had given him verbal offers, but had yet to finalize the details or make a firm offer. With Master's kind and powerful help, everything seems to materialize, all in one week, and his future seems more and more certain now. We've heard nothing but GREAT news!

Thank you once again, Master, and everyone else on this forum who have given your support and blessing. I pray that my husband continues to be blessed throughout this journey, and may his wishes come true!

I will update here again...

With love,

5. Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:00 pm    

Dear Master, Brothers and Sisters,

Another update .

Since the last update, things had been rather quiet on my husband's side, with both companies wanting very much to hire him, but needing the time to sort out their hiring headcount.

So my husband had a great time relaxing at home, designing our new house, etc, for the past few weeks, patiently waiting... I think this is also heaven's way of blessing us, because with only 1 income (mine) for these 3 months, we are able to get our housing loan at very preferred rates from the government! Everything feels like perfect timing!

Finally his dream company reverted last week with a contract. We were a little bit disappointed because they had many constraints and were not able to offer his desired scope and compensation. However there was a lot of goodwill and they really wanted to make sure that this talent does not get away. My husband asked for a few days to consider...

A day after that contract was offered, the other MNC came back to him, promising a very good package, and the director even called him personally to tell him that they are intending to groom him to take over his to-be boss's position within the next few months!!! WOW! We are so honored and blessed! He is now, as I type, at another interview with yet another department in the MNC. The MNC says they want him to be exposed as much as possible to the relevant departments so that he will definitely be hired... haha...

Given all these exciting developments my husband made a decision and informed his dream company yesterday that he regrets that he will not be able to join them. That caused quite a furore and a few of the people in the hiring process contacted him shortly after to discuss further. In fact, the first director who wanted to hire him found out and emailed him two (almost frantic) emails at 10pm to tell him that he will try to get the hiring department to re-do the contract asap.

I can't tell you how honored and humbled we are - we are really at a loss for words with the high regard that has been bestowed upon him!

We are really really in a happy dilemma now. My husband has deep respect for both companies and the people who want to hire him. He is excited by the opportunities that will be opened to him in both companies... He is so grateful for their goodwill, kindness and confidence in him. It is so mind-blowing to be offered two times everything he had ever dreamed of!

My apologies for this long and gushing post! Please forgive me as I am just so overwhelmed with joy, pride and gratitude, that I want to share it all with my Dhealing family!

When I requested for the bird releasing ceremony, I was only hoping for everything to go smoothly and with good outcome... But to my wonderful surprise, Heaven and Master has blessed us with so much more! Instead of just 1 gui-ren, my husband appears to have 4-5 gui-rens helping him every step of the way! Our cup is overflowing! Thank you! We will remember that we are blessed abundantly because of heaven's kindness, and we will share our good fortune and blessings generously with those around us as well.

I pray that all the good things that happen, will be for the good of all around us as well. May we continue to be humble and grateful and never let success go to our heads. Let us be blessed so that we can bless others as well, and not for our own selfish gains.

And of course, I would like to ask for Master's continued blessings that my husband will get the job that best suits him, and that there are no obstacles in his career. I also hope that he handles both companies wisely and appreciatively, in return for the kindness they have shown him.

Thank you so much, dear Master, Brothers and Sisters!

With love,

6. Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:47 am    

Dearest Master,

When I came to this forum I gained much more than I had ever imagined.

Yes, the wonderful supportive group of brothers and sisters made me feel like I have found another family. Everyone is so kind, patient, and loving. We are, as humans, imperfect by nature, but here, I am so touched by everyone's sincerity and willingness to give. That's all that matters. There is not a single unkind word or or judgement, only love, kindness and respect. This makes this forum a very very special place.

I have gained help and respite from my worries about my mother, and I have seen her heal in the way that no medical doctor has ever been able to treat. And because she is beginning to live her life again, so can I live mine again fully.

Through this forum, I have become aware of the metaphysical, and my eyes have been opened to a new way of seeing the world. It is enlightening.

And of course, the BRC that has helped my husband so greatly.

I am truly in awe of your altruism, to offer all your special FS cures so freely, to ask nothing in return, when you must spend so much time answering all our questions, saying our prayers, etc etc. I feel blessed to have met someone like you. I am lucky because you have helped me directly, and because I have been inspired by someone with a heart like yours.

Thank you and God bless!

7. Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 8:13 pm    

Dear Master,

Your prayers for the Bird Release Ceremony done last Saturday is really remarkable - it worked so well! After many months of being extremely stressed out at work in this new department due to never ending problems and emergency meetings happening very often, my husband reported back to me that this week, he is really amazed with the smooth workflow, lesser problems and no "headaches". He is much more relaxed this week Considering that this week, my husband has to do his boss's work also (his boss is on leave for 10 days), this week has been like a breeze indeed

Wow, the first time you advised him of this ceremony end of last year, he was so sceptical of the whole thing! Now, he is a firm believer in this!

Thank you once again, Master!

With metta,


8. Private message from kristal - Singapore.
    Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:20 am

Dear Master,

No words can expressed my gratitude to you for helping my dad. The BRC help to remove some obstacles for him. For the 1st time yesterday, my dad finally allow my mom to attend the discussion with him and my uncle. My uncle is finally considering buying over my dad's share of the company.

Though the deal is not favourable to us and is not at market value, my parents are more than willing to accept the terms. My uncle told my dad again he no longer treats him as a sibling and said hurtful words to him. Fortunately, my mom was there to control the situation and calm my dad down.

My uncle is asking for 1 week to think over this deal. Master, kindly pray that this sale will go smoothly.

Thank you so much.


9. Private message from crystal_83
Posted. Sat Apr 15, 2006 8:48 am
Subject - Bird release ceremony

Greetings Master!

This is great Thanks a lot Master,i'm sure this will do wonders for her. Master I have great faith & believe in your powers & i truly believe you are God sent to me.

Just wanted to share some good news with you, my friend shilpee & her parents were quite worried abt her marriage were unable to find a suitable match since 2 yrs, few weeks ago i listed her name in your prayer room & you know yesterday i got the news that she is getting engaged on this 22nd & her marriage is on 12th may, Great! isn't it?

Another great news is that this time my hubby got a good raise in his salary he also got the project that he wanted - Please pray & bless him that his project goes on smoothly &sucessfully.
When 2006 started my hubby & i were in pretty bad shape ,when i came to know that this yr dragons(since we both r dragons) have offended Grand Duke i was hopeless & thought it was total gloom &doom ,but you came in like a blessing from heaven ,thanks a lot Master . Please keep on showering your advises & blessings on us WE REALLY NEED IT!
thanks & warm regards..............crystal

10. From Email.
Date: 08/06/05 16:25:41
Subject: Thank You!!

Dear Divine Master Tan,

Sending this mail and hoping you are doing excellent!! Thank you so much!! I just want to say that ever since the Bird Release Ceremony I have felt so much peace and things are going excellent!! thank u for recommending it to me!!

And tonight happened something that I never thought it would, not even in my dreams!! Tis guy that's the love of my life (NOT my ex) got here to my city and has a job in a city near mine so he's moving back!! There was a chemistry when we were at school but when we were gioing to give it a chance he left the city because of his father work (His family loves me as also my family loves him). He always wanted for me to move to his city when I was doing my bachelor degree, but I had an accident that stopped that plan... so it was hard that when I visit he had a girlfriend or when he came to visit I had a boyfriend... but I guess I always thought it was impossible for him to be here or me to go live there to actually be something some day...

Now after 7yrs he's back!! It's amazing!! Now I know I need to do MY part and I'll try to do my best in that Sorry I write about this, but I feel so much comfort writing to you because I feel a trust towards you (something very hard to me after learning the hard way)... I must say that with the prayers I had experience so much peace, it's amazing how I feel like this kind of warm energy in my head and then goes to my spine and then to the palms of my hand and after that I just feel like smiling all day and so much in peace!!

Even my mom told me I look more relax and happy today in the afternoon. I know God has always been with me all this years, and in so many ways I had known that, but I needed someone how would guide me to understand it more and could talk about it with out freaking out. And is you who I had to thanks for so much for allowing me to step one more stair of understanding His love and how to connect with Him.

God Bless you!!

11. Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 2:01 am 

Dear Master,

I would like to thank you very much for your advices and help that had save my family from financial crisis in year 2005. we are now much better, short term depts and one long term dept had been settled.

Tan C.A & Nicole

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