Master atan feng shui techniques - Feedback 2007
Welcome to the Master atan FS techniques feed back room, This year November 2007 i had decided to collect some of the FS feedback .

1.Posted: 31 Oct 2007 11:35 am

Dear Master Atan and all moderators,

it has been almost a year since we moved house. Selling the old house at rather big monetary loss was infact a priceless gain!

The times we now enjoy with our son is sacred. The joy of each moment we have with him, cooking (which happens to be my specialty,..hehehe), bathing, teaching and playing (this also) can only be felt at each of this moments. What a joy!

For this, I like to thank master atan, each and every moderator here for your kindness, care and prayers for without you, I believe all might still be just a dream.

May peace and love be with you all, always! Thank you.

dl_6988 and family

2. Posted: 23 Mar 2007 09:32 pm

Wow, Master was right - as I had mentioned in the NSM Feedback section earlier, my husband has today been notified that he will be receiving a cash award of RMXXXX from his company in recognition of him managing a troubled project well for a big client. This is the first time that he has been rewarded so much. It has been exactly 2 weeks that I have put up the NSM # 1 picture in our house.

We are very grateful for Master's introduction of this NSM technique on March 06 this year - indeed wonderful things have happened to us.

May Master have great health, great wealth and success always!

With metta,

3. Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 4:23 am

Dear Master, moderators, friends and members of the forum!

I'm complaining for months about my health problems and completely forget to tell you about the good things which are happening in my life.

Since the Chinese New Year I've applied in our house all Master's FS Techniques: C-SCC, NSM, PI YAO with glass of water and citrine, Trinity 3 coins in West and North, bedroom mountains and other FS cures such as WU LUs with salt, 8 marbles in water, 3 coins in wallets and so on.

Here are our realisations:
- first of all I've improved my relationship with my daughter and son- in -law, by learning to accept them as they are.I've made a list with their qualities which I read often and try to see only that.

- my husband is healthy ( thank God) and his career is going great: he was payed now for some work he did 3 years ago and the paiment was always postponed; in his actual job he had, from my perspective, very good benefits so that we could pay entirely the car we bought last year by installment. This way we saved 9.000 euros.
- the greatest news here is that we can afford this summer, for the first time in our life, to spend a 10 days vacation abroad; we will go to Greece in September! Can you imagine what does it mean to me ? I've always dreamed to see at least a little part of this world and now...for the first time...Next year it will be Malaysia, maybe ! Dreams are for free...
- last but not least, in more than a year that I'm member of this forum, I've earned the friendship of some very nice ladies here ! I'm really happy and honoured!

Of course, I still have health problems sometimes.But with Master's , moderators' and my friends' help I did and will overcome them.Chris promised me that I'll be better in autumn.

For all the good things that Master, moderators,friends and members helped me to bring in my life I 'm deeply grateful ! That's why I feel like home here. I thank you with love and respect!

Love always,rose

4. Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:13 am

Dear Master and moderators,

After placing FS in my house, things happen....

My son (special needs) is more calm and settle. No complaints from his workshop. I'm so relief

My husband temper have tone down. ( he is a good man and father but has a quick temper)

My health have improve, knees not so painful and I manage to cross my legs when I mediatate.

Managed to change a brand new car!!

I am so grateful and thanks alot Master.

Loving kindness to all.


5.   Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:42 am 

Dear Master !

I have light the candles,as you said and I'm happy to tell you that , for more than a week all my pains are over, though I work much more that at home to help my daughter. An other great news is that the knee operation is not necesary! You helped me again like you did so many times ! Thank you and be blessed!

Love always,rose

6. Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:00 pm

Dear Master and friends of Dhealing, I had been really blessed lately. I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your prayers, blessings and support.

Previously, I was with a dead-end job - which does not have much prospect and income was pretty low considering I have more than 10 years experience in the trade. In other words, I was grossly underpaid and only working for a small local company. I think most people know that local bosses are only concerned with their bottom line and does not care much about their staff's growth. I believe some of you know what I am talking about.

Recently, I managed to land myself another job with an MNC which almost doubled my income and better still, I get to earn commissions for the deals that I close. This is really a turning point in my life after suffering from severe drought for so long. I want to thank Master and all my friends from the Dhealing forum who had been blessing me.

And one funny thing, I just strike lottery on Friday! Though I only win $30, it is a sign that I am still remembered and blessed by so many of you. A very BIG thank you for those of you who had been praying and blessing me. I am truly blessed!!!


7. Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:25 pm

 Post subject: Aunty Kumar's Story

Hi, Master

After Aunty Kumar have put the SCC, Pi Yao and Trinity 3-Coins in place for a month or so now, I met her today and she has given me some good news. Her husband has finally found a job as a Supervisor at a cafe, overseeing some migrant workers. The hours are long but at least he has a job. He was unemployed for almost a year.

Her daughter's real estate business was so bad for the past few months (almost zero income) but lately, she managed to closed some deals and got paid. In addition to this work, someone suddenly approached her to fill in as a telemarketeer for 3 months as the other person has gone on maternity leave. At least during this period, she has additional income to supplement her real estate commission.

Another strange thing that happened was Aunty Kumar's daughter's handphone ringing tone was out of order for 6 months and despite sending it for repairs, it still didn't work. As a result of no ringing sound, she often had missed calls from her clients and this is not good for this type of business. Well, a couple of weeks ago, she dropped her handphone accidently and now the ringing tone is back and working perfectly and she could now catch all her clients' calls.

Lastly, Aunty Kumar has a pot of plant (what we locals call "mother-in-law's tongue, which is very hardy plant) for 15 years and this week, it suddenly grew a tall stalk of beautiful flowers. They were so amazed that her daughter has taken a photo of it. I have never seen this type of plant flowering before.

She is a practical person and is very happy with these small positive turn of events in her life, and she is very thankful for Master's FS Techniques. These days, she is always giving me free jasmine flowers (I buy flowers from her every Friday for my altar) plucked from her garden to offer to my Lord Buddha.

May she and her family be well, happy and peaceful always.

choesf .

8. Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:37 pm 

Dear Master,

I am crazy with joy because something unbelievable has happened for my Rebekka! WOW! She has the deepest dream to become a movie actress, but has never had the self security to go for it. But then just a couple of weeks ago, she joined an official online site for extras, here in Denmark, and has since had a part in an advertisment for TV.

Now, today she recieved a phone call from a TV movie maker, and he asked her to send some extra photos to him, and he just called after we waited just one hour, and she has the part! She is to be stand-in for an actress, and would you believe!, she will be making this movie along side one of the top greatest Danish actresses of all times and many other well known actors and actresses, and the second most famous male actor who she will be his daughter-stand-in, in this new movie! I am so overjoyed for my daughter, for this may be a little step, but is a possibility for her to get even more experience and jobs.

So, tomorrow she will be playing her part from early morning til afternoon, and in the evening she has another spot as extra in another TV series....

For years, nothing interesting or good has happened for my sweet deserving daughter, as I have told of other place on the forum, and now this! There can be no explanation other than Master's FS techniques are working wonders in our home

Thank you dear Master, for bringing about these wonders with your techniques and prayers, I cannot even begin to thank you enough! There is no end to my gratefulness!........

Love from Terese and Rebekka.

9. Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:40 pm

 Post subject: Calmness in Mind, Peace in heart.

Good evening, everyone. Here is a story of my Chinese New Year and something that I have been thinking and observing for weeks, before I posted it here.

About 3 weeks before the Chinese New Year festival was here, my family and I were slowly gearing up for the usual decluttering, house cleaning (from ceiling to floors, furniture, almost everything), house decorations, shopping to stock up the larders and fridges, baking of cookies, more shopping for new clothes, shoes, CNY gifts, change new money at the bank.....phew! many things to do and the pressure and stress will build and build until the eve of CNY right up to the Reunion Dinner which I have to cook by myself. A 7-course dinner this year.

Strangely, I noticed that this year, I was not stressed out as usual with all the massive preparations for CNY and was in fact enjoying times, I was getting a bit worried as I was getting too relaxed Anyway, by 1 week before CNY, I was still very calm and taking all my tasks calmly, and although I had literally crawled into bed exhausted every night from all those springcleaning and with my joint pains at their worst, I nevertheless went to bed happy and with peace in my heart. I even have a race with yen1908 with our springcleaning and we were motivating each other along as we went.

Suddenly, I noticed both my 7 mth old SCCs in the West and North sectors of my house were quickly building up a lot of thick crystals at the rim and crystals were even growing down to the plate, despite me cleaning the plate of the crystals. There and then, I knew that the SCCs were "happily" absorbing my stress and tension from the CNY preparations for me and my family this year. In previous years, the tension will be so high that we would be easily irritable and I would be nagging and lamenting away, being a nervous wreck.

Even my kids were enjoying painting the house for the first time, and everyone laughed when we were all starting to look like the colour of the gate when we messed up the paints! Wow, we sure had a lot of fun and laughter this year...

I was so relaxed and happy, that I even baked CNY traditional cookies for the first time in 10 years and the best thing that I was most happiest with was my husband helped me to make those cookies - the first time in our marriage

We were happily seated at the table and chit chatting, while preparing the cookies - clearly, my husband must be very relaxed and peaceful enough to make cookies with me, for I think men just have no patience at all to do this - Hehe, this.must certainly be the benefit of the SCC-C at NE helping us to be a happy couple, as I remember Master said something like this when yen1908 was walking in the park with her husband under the moonlight 2 weeks before CNY.

During the Chinese New Year, for the first 3 days, we visited so many relatives and friends, took the children to the amusement centres, watched a wonderful movie at the IMAX theatre (largest in the world), ate a lot of good food, and my children got a lot of angpows. Of course, we also gave out a lot of angpows! We had so much fun..

Up til today, there is peace, calm and happiness in my family - something that I cherish a lot as a wife and mother..and for this, I am very thankful to Master for introducing to us the Master FS Techniques, for these are FS techniques that I have never seen elsewhere before and unique only to Master Atan. Clearly, their benefits are felt....if you open the doors of your mind and heart to them.

Here's to inner peace, joy and happiness to us all!


10. Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:20 am 

Dear friends,

It’s been a month since I joined Dhealing and during that time implemented all Master FS techniques. I think I gave it enough time to start working so, here is my feedback on it

When I first joined, my husband was working with some friends on a big project, hoping to sign a long-term contract that would bring serious money. It was at the end of January. Master gave me advice to place Trinity 3 coins in North and lights a candle for a week in my husband’s sheng chi direction. I followed the advice and at the same time placed Trinity 3 coins in the West as well. They didn’t get the contract but I wasn’t disappointed nor did I think that Master technique doesn’t work. Time was really short and, after Chris kindly analyzed our bazi, all was clear – for significant change in business luck, he has to wait about 10 more years .

However, good news is that our money luck IS improving lately. More customers appeared, we are getting back the money people owed us, there is a chance we’ll be able to sell some inherited property etc. So, all in all – things are better than before - Thank you Master!
Oh, I almost forgot: previous years, especially last year, we’ve had a lot of back stabbing and misunderstandings with some people – it’s also getting better. Not that we’ve became best friends but our communication is improved a bit. Thank you Master!

SCC and Crystal SCC
I placed our first SCC on January, 30th , NE of my husband’s home office. So far only fine salt crystallization was formed on the rim and inside (S and SW) of jar. There are fine bubbles on the coins, water is clear and everything is looking good.

Since I was pretty concerned with geopathic stress in our home, Masters advice was to place one more SCC, this time with crystal inside. We checked black lines again and there was one exactly where my husband is sitting in the office and one more crossing over our bed. I made SCC-C on February, 16th and placed it in NW of central lobby. Water is still clear, no crystallization and many very fine bubbles on coins and some floating on water. When it was placed, my hubby checked for black lines again and everything was the same but we hoped that bad influence was reduced.
And now is time for miracle - A week after, we re-checked the black lines again and guess what? Now they’re in different place, about 1 meter from previous position, just enough to skip his chair and our bed or any other place where anyone is spending a lot of time! Since then, my husband is having less sore throat and is not coughing as before. Thank you, thank you Master!

At the beginning of February we did a major declutter in two rooms (office and storage) and the moment we finished it, we both felt as big burden fell of our shoulders - Right after that I fell sick for 10 days with flu but it was much milder than with people I got it from - Thank you Master!

Pi Yao
On February, 08th I placed in SE of home beautiful Pi Yao photo sent by Olja (thank you Olja )
So far we didn’t get any lottery prize (maybe because we didn’t buy any lottery ticket ) but I think it’s working fine together with other FS items. Thank you Master!

Bedroom Mountain photo
On February, 16th we placed Mt. photo #5b above our bed. It was my hubby’s choice and it works – he was snoring heavily before, now it seldom happens, and it’s very gentle - He also sleeps better than before. And for myself, at first I didn’t sleep well at all – I had more trouble to fall asleep than before and was even more tired in the morning than before Last couple of days things are getting better: I need less sleep and feel less tired in the morning. It’s still not ideal but I’ll give it some more time.
Anyway, I’m very happy with results we’ve got (no more “music” at night ) so, thank you Master!

Well, this is it. Sorry for long post but, since all cures were placed in short period of time, I thought it will give clearer picture if all feedback is in one place.
One more time I wish to thank you all for help and support and special thanks to Master for designing all these great cures and enhachers for us!

Very best wishes to all,
Belgrade, Serbia.

11. Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:01 am 

Good morning,Master!
I deposited into your account at Maybank BHD a Chinese New Year Angpow to show our gratitude for all the help you gave us.We wish you a lot of health, happiness and prosperity for the new year!

God bless you,rose and my friends: Adel,Zsuzsanna and Dana.

12. Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 3:09 am

Hi all,

I m a newbie...last time used to surf at wofs.Now no longer surf there liao...

This website is indeed MARVELLOUS...very informative & i can learnt alot of tings from all the experts here.

Even though I have just the present moment, I must thanks to all those pple who hv clear my doubts,enquiries etc...esp.Master,multi888,chrislim,atan,choesf etc


Thanks for all ur assistance.

13. Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 12:45 pm

Hello Choesf ,

I just want to thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart for showing me and guiding me to find out about this wonderfull website ''Dhealing''.I don't know what to say to express my gratitude, but i'm sure that you know my feeling and what i'm trying to express.I'm sooo thankfull and i don't care if i get something or not with FS Techniques,because your gesture and Master's help are more important than getting something material in this life .Because this wonderfull website is teaching me that life is about relationships and what we can do for each other rather than what we can get as far as material stuff,greed in an other way.Thanks to everybody here also for helping without asking for something in return..that what makes this website unique (hopefully the spelling is right,my english is just ok ) and that what makes this website the best.
I would like to send you all flowers to thank you all but i don't know how yet..i'm working on it..i have little time to read every posting between work and taking care of my son but i'm working on getting everything together

Thanks loot and GOD bless you all.
Best regards,Rokaiaa.

14. Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 2:06 am 

Hello . ,

I would like to share my story with you about Wu lou & bird feather in car for protection from car accidents.

On the beguining of 2006,when i was going through divorce,i was mooving my stuff to the place where i'm now.So i went to get my stuff and had to drive through high mountains and the road in narrow and has only 2 lines opposites to each other..on my way back,with the car full of lot of house items like chairs son was sleeping..i was driving up focusing on the road when something was telling me to look on my lest opposit side..a car bigger than mine was driving so fast and tried to slow down but it was late so the car tripped and was coming toward us..i didn't have time to think,i got scared and start shaking from the top to the bottom and couldn't push on the gaz because my legs were shaking and they couldn't do anythink..then i don't know how the car in front of me was going to park on the right side slooowly and i just push soo hard on the gaz and swiverl from that car and drove away..i stopped and saw the car that was going to hit us going straight to the edge of the cliff and was stopped by a tree and looked like was cut in the middle by the tree,because the car was going soo fast..and looked like was going to fall any time .

when i stopped my legs were still shaking and wouldn't obey me..also i had a Koran in my car and when i push on the gaz,the Koran jumped from the dashboard and landed between my feet.
Then i prayed and didn't know how with my legs still shaking i put on gaz and drove away because i was soo scared..i looked back to check on my son to see if he witnessed anything,thank GOD he was still sleeping ..i don't want him to see that kind of stuff..
Anyway,i thought i would share this story with you about caring Wulou and Bird feather in a car for protection from car accidents .

Blessings, Love and Light
Sincerely,Rokaiaa .

15. Posted: 29 Jan 2007 09:00 pm  
 Post subject: Thank you, Master Atan

After one year of practising Master's FS techniques and with his help through his prayers and advice, my family's life has improved tremendously compared to before.

Some of the good things that have happened recently are :-

1) last year, my eldest daughter had so many problems (boyfriend, car accident/court case) and was assigned a faraway low standard college/university by the government. I was getting overly worried and was disturbing Master so many times for advice until he told me to stop controlling her too much and give her some space to grow.

After that, we asked her whether she wanted to go to that outstation college/uni and she said actually no. So, we decided to enrol her in the private university here in KL. Although we have to pay 3 times in terms of tuition fees, despite our tight budget, we are now glad we did that - because my daughter turned into a better person and excelled in her studies - she became the top student there and made it to both the Dean's and President's List!

2) The day after I made a new set of Trinity 3-Coins and got them activated here, my husband got a new job offer that will pay an extra 25% over his present salary if he meets his monthly quota.

3) Three days after I have placed a new pair of Pi Yaos and got them activated, my husband bought 3 Big Sweep Lottery Tickets. There and then, he scratched them and won some small instant cash prizes (RM3 to RM10), which he exchanged for some more lottery tickets. Again, he kept scratched them and won again some instant cash. This went on continously until he had 13 lottery tickets, all for free! My husband was so amused because this has never happened in our whole life. Although the total winnings were small (RM36), nonetheless they were still winnings!

When the lottery draw date arrived, we didn't win any prize, closest was we got 5 numbers correctly placed out of the 7 numbers.

The house atmosphere is peaceful, and all the three SCCs plus the Master FS items are working hard for sure...

....All thanks to Master


16. Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:14 pm 

I wanted to share this good news with you all:

My husband got a better job in England !

Trinity 3 coins in N,together with yang water and 8 crystal balls,lit white candle in his Sheng chi direction for 7 days prior to the interview,Kuan Kong in NW,mountain images all over the living room,a wealth ship "coming"from his Sheng chi direction,8 immortals and a redwood horse....Good date picked for moving into the new flat...
Well ,i can't tell which one of those things did the job,but i believe,we have all done excellent calculations!
So,thank you ever sooooo much!Olya.

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