Prayer Request - Feed back - 2007

Welcome to the Prayer Request Feedback room , This year November 2007 i had decided to collect some of the feedback .

13. Dear Master and little sister Choesf,

I have great news, and send you both many blessings and gratefulness beyond expression, for your prayers for my daughter and her future

It is amazing, that today my Rebekka recieved a positiv reply to her application to be admitted to the Internet Technology University of Copenhagen, where she will take her Masters Degree. She will start on January 28th.

She has been accepted!!

Again I thank you from deepest in my heart for your prayers and support, may you both be blessed with all good things in life,
With love, Terese.

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:41 am 

12. Very good news! My daughter got accepted for industrial training by this multinational company! She is so is the Human Resource manager asked my daughter for her university's contact peson for them to hire more students for industrial training (my daughter was the only one from her university).

Best wishes and joy to all,



Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:29 pm 

11. hello all

my flat is sold.. although not the price we were looking at but its still 30k above valuation to our already very high valuation.

Thank you all your prayers


Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:21 am

10. Dear Choesf,
I want to let you know great news from my mom and my sister in law in Jakarta.
Somebody put an offer on her house, I believe, it's happened yesterday. Today in SE Asia, the potential buyer will put the down payment. I hope, it will work out good for my mom. She is very happy. She said thank so much for praying too.Thanks so much.....


Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:55 am

9. Hi Choesf,

Thank you for all the prayers done, the results was good on the 8th. Though i fumble abit at the dinner, the parents and family mmebers did understand my intentions and i have to thank you my wife to be for putting in the efforts to help and her sister help as well.


Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:25 am

8. Well dear Phoenix , you did a nice prayer for I just wanted to let you know that my husband successfully passed the interview and he got the job in Abu Dhabi! We are only waiting for the job offer email now and are pretty impatient..... Thank you


Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 5:38 am 

7. Hi master and choesf!

Young men Andrei ask me to express his gratitude for the prayers. His results at the exam were outstanding.

We thank you both! Love always,rose

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:09 am 

6. Dear choesf, master and phoenix188,

I would like to express my thanks to you all as finally I manage to get a job already.

Thank you so much for helping me do the prayer all the times. I really appreciated it so much.


Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 10:07 pm 

5. Thank you Master. Managed to access to internet. My family and I arrived at hometown safely. Thanks a lot. I will be driving back to Singapore on 24th Feb Saturday and would like to request prayer for another smooth journey back. My sincere thanks to Master. Wish everyone good health and happy always.


Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:05 pm

4. Thank you so so much! My 2nd interview went great today. They offered me the job. I'm so excited now. Thank you so much for all your assistance. May love and happiness surrounds you always.

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:29 am

3. Good evening,Master!
Thank you for your prayer! Our friend Barnabas is recovering quicly.The docrors are wondering,but his family is happy and grateful.Regards,rose

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:55 pm 

2. Guess what? I've been offered the job !!! Million thanks to all who directly or indirectly made this possible !! Will go and sign the offer letter next monday.


Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 2:45 pm 

1. Thank you Master, Choesf and all,

With your prayers, moving house was a breeze!
All moving done by about 11.30am, really amazing!

Thank you!


Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:15

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