Bird release with Gui Ren And Xiao ren ( part 1 )

Q01 - What is bird release ?
A01 - Bird release is a person after purchasing birds and free them back to nature.

Q02 - What is bird releasing ceremony. ?
A02 - It is a ceremony to free one's obstacles in life and enhance one's wishes in life.

Q03 - Where can i get the birds ?
A03 - Usually your local pet shop will have them.

Q04 - How do i choose what bird to release ?
A04 - Ask the pet shop owner and they will guide you on this.
Usually they have many of this birds for release.

Q05 - How many of this birds should i release ?
A05 - It is good to start with 3.

Q06 - Can i Release the bird myself ?
A06 - Yes - I has some guideline on this.

Q07 - What is the Guideline ?
A07 -
Code of Ethics and Release Policy

  1. Exhibit ethical behavior at all times.
  2. Ensure that you are Properly attired and always on time.
  3. To Release healthy birds that can fly.within a safe distance from trees.
  4. Do NOT release birds indoors, after sunset, or bad weather.
  5. To return deposits for acts of God, Etc.
  6. To Release bird within one hour after purchase.
  7. To honor agreements with customers.

Q08 - What is Xiao Ren ?
A08 - Xiao Ren is vile people or people that poison you.

Q09 - What is Xiao Ren ceremony ?
A09 - This ceremony is to punish, prevent and stop vile people from poisoning you.

Q10 - Who can perform Xiao Ren ceremony ?
A10 - Usually temple priests or monks.

Q11 - Can i Perform this ceremony ?
A11 - No - unless you know the techniques.

Q12 - Can you explain a little on this techniques. ?
A12 - There is a white Xiao Ren paper with many pictures on it, one has to use a lighted joystick to burn a hole in some of the body parts of each picture printed on the paper.

end of part 1

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