FAQ - Clutter ( part 1 )

Clutter is one of the major causes for many who are suffering in life , during years of my spiritual works, some time just by asking patients to clear their clutter healed them automatically. Since clutter has a major negative effect on our life , i prepare this clutter FAQ to help others.

Q01. What is clutter ?
A01. Clutter is the things you no more love, need , unfinished and has fear of departing it.

Q02. How many types of clutter are there ?
A02. There many types of clutter , just to name a few - like physical, emotion and mental clutter.

Q03. Where can i find the physical clutter ?
A03. Physical clutter can be found in kitchen,closets,bedroom,storage areas,bathroom and etc..

Q04. How do i know my clutter is out of control ?
A04. You break out into a cold sweat the last time somebody dropped by unexpectedly, take longer time to find things, feel tire and lethargic, feel lost and fear without knowing why .

Q05. Can you explain how clutter can weaken us ?
A05. We as a human species is connected to most of the things we own by an invisible energy thread , clutter energy thread will zap your energy and drag you down, and the longer you keep it , the thread become thicker , the more it will effect you.

Q06. What you recommend to stop clutter ?
A06. Stop impulse buying and Don't keep on buying things or bring things into your house, stop and think, do i really need this and do i have an empty space to keep this.

Q07. Does clearing my clutter help my house feng shui ?
A07. Yes, clutter cause energy to stagnant , it is very difficult to apply feng shui cure if energy can't flow easily.

Q08. How about my Divine statues ?
A08. Clean it with pipe water and donate it to the temple or holy houses.

Q09. Can i keep the Divine Statues that i love in the storeroom?

A09. Yes and No, the Divine statues that you had prayed to , i will advice you to donate it , it is not polite to keep then aside, and those that you did not pray to, you can keep them but don't stack anything on top of them.

Q10. How about my ornaments ?
A10. Clean with pipe water and put away 50% of your ornaments , this not only made fresh energy move freely , you will get your dusting and cleaning done in half the time .

Q11. I can't find the energy to start clearing my clutter .
A11. This is because the clutter you had is eating into your energy, you will get stronger as you dispose of your clutter.

Q12. I had too many clutter - what can i do ?
A12. Do not give up, all this clutter did not comes into your house in one day, and i don't expect you to clear it in one day, it take times, the reward for this extra efforts, you will have more time , neat home , less stress and better feng shui.

Q13. What do you recommend for mental clutter ?
A13. Write down all your questions on different pieces of paper and burn them. Stay away from negative people, they are poison.

Q14. What you recommend for emotion clutter ?
A14. Go to a temple or holy house or sit silently in your home --- Forgive those who had hurts you, and ask for forgiveness to those you had hurts.

Q15. Can you show me a way to start clearing my clutter.
A15. Place three empty boxes in your home , mark them as 1. wanted 2. unwanted 3. undecided . Everyday just put away 5 to 10 items into the boxes, as you become more experience you can made more boxes and name them according.

Q16. Any other good tips ?
A16. Throw away all junks immediately when your received it , return all things that belong to others, settled or cancelled all promises that you had made.

Q17. How about clutters belong to other members of my family ?
A17. You can organize a day every month, get as many members as possible,,,prepare some foods they like , after the clearing , you can have a small party , this event i called it " empty day "

Q18. Any other advice ?
A18. Yes. by author Karen Kingston.
1. Having Clutter Can Make You Feel Tired and Lethargic.
2. Having Clutter can Keep You in the Past.
3. Having Clutter Can Affect Your Body Weight.
4. Having Clutter Can Confuse You.
5. Having Clutter Can Affect the Way People Treat You
6. Having Clutter Can Make You Feel Ashamed.

end of part 1

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