Distant Energy Healing ( part 1 )

Q01 : What style of healing do you practise ?
A01 : It is call Distant Energy Healing.

Q02: What is Distant Energy Healing ?
A02: It is a no touch distant energy healing that can be done from various distances.

Q03 : Where did you acquire energy for healing ?
A03 : From the air, ground, sun, space and ..........

Q04: How did this energy distribute itself ?
A04: Healers harness this energy in much the same way as electricity substations harness electricity and distribute it to houses and buildings. Healers most commonly use their hands to focus or direct the energy.

Q05 : How does the Distant Energy healing work ?
A05 : We removed the unwanted energy from you and the body will heal and balance itself.

Q06 : What is unwanted energy ?

A06 : Stress and tensions, negative energy and emotions, psychic contaminations and attacks, etc....

Q07 : From where did you learn healing ?
A07 : Atan learned from many masters and books.

Q08 : What techniques or modalities do you use now?

A08 : Atan is an experience energy healer who studied many esoteric arts. He has experimented and developed "new" and "advanced" approaches to distant energy healing.

Q09 : How many Distant Energy Healings you had done ?

A09 : We have done more than 1,000 healings over the net in year 2001.

Q10 : What are the cases that you had done so far ?
A10 : Mostly pains, emotional and mental depressions, charms or attacks, past life problems, relationship problems, psychic energy contaminations etc....

Q11 : Other than healing - do you have other skills ?
A11 : Good with crystals ( protection and healing ) ; prayers and blessings are my daily services to others and myself; specialize in purification and karma.

Q12 : Do you heal animals ?
A12 : yes

Q13 : Who needs Distant Energy Healing ?
A13 : Anyone who wants to made life better (whether child or adult, healthy or ill) can benefit from Distant Energy Healing.

Q14 : What can Distant Energy Healing do for me ?
A14 : Energy Healing, in many cases, can restore the natural flow and balance of the body's energy system. It can alleviate physical and emotional discomfort while stimulating and promoting the body's own healing mechanisms.

end of part 1

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