Salt and coins cure ( part 1 )

Here are part of my FAQ on salt coins cure for beginner, i hope it is useful for some of you, any questions or suggestions is most welcome, have a nice day .

Q01 : What is salt and coins cure ?
A01 : It is a Feng Shui cure to counter or suppress any bad energy and negative interference from nature.

Q02 : What are symptoms of this bad energy ?
A02 : Loss of wealth, continue sickness, problem with mouth, sore throats and etc.

Q03 : What cure it is usually use for. ?
A03 : It is usually use by feng Shui practitioners to counter or suppress the bad 2 &5 star.

Q04 : Which direction is the 5 star for 2006 ?
A04 : West .

Q05 : What do i need to prepare for this cure ?
A05 : Salt, Coins and container.

Q06 : Can i use cooking salt ?
A06 : Yes - any salt will do , it will be better if it is sea salt.

Q07 : What coins should i use ?
A07 : Chinese coins or feng shui coins or I Ching coins (Same coins different names ).

Q08 : What did the coin look like ?
A08 : It is round with a small square in the center of the coin. The side with the 4 Chinese Character is head and other side is tail. ( size about 1 inch )

Q09 : Where can i get this coins ?
A09 : You can post this question in feng shui forum , anyone who stay nearby you might help.

Q10 : How many coins i need to prepare for this cure ?
A10 : 6 coins.

End of part 1

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