A new salt and coins cure for experienced user. - Chinese year 2006.

Those who has no experience with salt and coins cure,
please don't attempt to use this new cure.

Q01 : What is salt and coins cure ?
A01 : It is a Feng Shui cure to counter or suppress any bad energy and negative interference from nature.

Q02 : What are symptoms of this bad energy ?
A02 : Loss of wealth, continue sickness, problem with mouth, sore throats and etc.

Q03 : What cure it is usually use for. ?
A03 : It is usually use by feng Shui practitioners to counter or suppress the bad 2 &5 star.

Q04 : Which direction is the 5 star at. ?
A04 : 2006 West

Q05 : What do i need to prepare for this cure ?
A05 :

1. Clear Quartz (1)
2. Salt
3. Coins
4. Container.

Q06 : Can i use cooking salt ?
A06 : Yes - any salt will do , it will be better if it is sea salt.

Q07 : What coins should i use ?
A07 : Chinese coins or feng shui coins or I Ching coins (Same coins different names ).

Q08 : What did the coin look like ?
A08 : It is round with a small square in the center of the coin. The side with the 4 Chinese Character is head and other side is tail. ( size about 1 inch )

Q09 : What is the size of clear quartz crystal. ?
A09 : One --- clear crystal with the size of about 0.5 to 1.0 inch, any shape will do.

Q10 : How many coins i need to prepare for this cure ?
A10 : 6 coins.

Q11 : What type of container i require ?
A11 : Colorless glass container is the best. minimum 5 inches high , able to contain about 500ml of water.

Q12 : Can i use colored glass container ?
A12 : No , unless you know some basic in Feng Shui.

Q13 : Can i use old container ?
A13 : Yes , just make sure it is clean and free from oil.

Q14 : Can i use other type of containers ?
A14 : Metal container may corrode with salt and one is unable to see the level of water in the container. Plastic container interfere with the working of the cure.

Q15 : Do i need to be in any religion to use this cure ?
A15 : No. - there is no restriction on this.

Q16 : Do i need to pray to any one to use this cure ?
A16 : No. - there is no restriction on this.

Q17 : Do i need to do prayer for this cure ?
A17 : No. - there is no restriction on this.

Q18 : Can i prepare this cure when i has monthly period ?
A18 : Yes you can - you are encourage to take a shower first.

Q19: What is the best time to prepare this cure ?
A19: Best time is after you has taken your shower and no disturbances - example from friends ,tv programmes, Don't prepare this cure when your stomach is full ( after lunch or dinner ) or when your are sweating.

Q20 : How long does this cure last ?
A20 : It can last for at least a year, you has to check it weekly to top up the water.

Q21 : How long do you recommend to change a new one ?
A21 : If the chemical reactions is uncontrollable, like many salt formations overflow the container, it is advisable to change a new one.

Q22 : How do i disposed the old one ?
A22 : Pour it into the toilet basin and flush it. Dispose the container into the dustbin which is place outside the house, do not touch anything that is in the jar.

Q23 : Can i reuse the coins ?
A23 : My experience , it is not advisable.

Q24: How do i disposed the coins ?
A24: First choice - bury it into the ground, second choice - flush it down the toilet, third choice - disposed it into the dustbin which is place outside your house.

Q25: Where should i place the cure ?

1. West sector of your house ( Year 2006 )
2. West sector of your living room.
3. West sector of your bedroom.

You can place it --- on top of floor , table, cupboard and etc.

Q26 : Can i keep the cure with my Divine statue ?
A26 : No . try to keep it away from your Divine statue and feng shui enchancer.

Q27 : Can i keep the saly and coins cure in my bedroom ?
A27 : Yes - the amount of water will have very minimum effect on you but the cure will made you stronger and better 365 days.

Q28: My toilet is in the West direction, where do i place the cure ? for year 2006 bad star is in West.
A28: Usually people don't spend much of their time in the bathroom, negative of such a placement will be minimal. If you like you can place the salt and coins cure outside the bathroom for further protection.

Q29: Can I place the salt and coins cure in the kitchen ?
A29: it is not advisable to place the salt and coins cure in the kitchen .. but ... don't worry ..... the kitchen internal gererated energy is sufficient to counter and supressed the bad 5 star.

Q30: How about other rooms in my house ?
A30 : If you has doubt, place it in the West sector of your living room . ( chinese year 2006 ).

Q31 : Any other advice ?
A31 : The place you are going to place the cure, keep it clean and tidy.

Q32 : How to prepare the cure ?
A32 :

1. Place the clear quartz crystal at the bottom of the inner glass container.

2. Filled up the clean colorless glass container with salt about 70 % to the top.

3. Carefully place the six Chinese coins on top of the salt , you have to made sure the the coins is head side up, this the side with 4 Chinese characters.

4. Slowly fill it with tape water to about 95 % to the top. It is advisable to place a mat under the container to protect Furniture or flooring.

5. Place the prepared container at the West of your house ( Chinese year 2006 ) .

6. Made sure the water is always top up to at least 90 %.

7. Try not to touch the or move the glass container as it store a lot of negative energy . Wash the place on your body immediately if you accidently touch it .

8. Do not close the container, it is more effective when it is open.

The author : Dhealing master atan
date : 01/01/06



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