The 10 Don't in Feng Shui

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1. Bedroom

1. Don't leave your mirror or TV in the bedroom uncover during sleep - Remove or cover any mirrors in the bedroom during sleep. A bedroom mirror that reflects the bed creates the most serious problems.

A single person is less apt to attract a romantic partner – in fact, the mirror doubles his or her solitude. A couple with a mirror reflecting the bed is more apt to attract a third person who may disrupt their relationship. People with depression – and related stress and health issues – also are affected by a mirror reflecting the bed because it disturbs sleep. In all these cases, cover the mirror at night… during waking hours it's fine to uncover your bedroom mirrors.

2. Don't sleep in a bedroom that is located directly below a toilet on the upper floor. It brings unhappy chi down from above, causing problems between partners. The noise from the toilet also can disturb your sleep.

3. Don't sleep on a king-size bed - king-size bed is not good for a couple. It's worse than sleeping in separate beds, according to feng shui principles, because it prevents the couple from sharing the same energy.

4. Do not Sleep under the beam that is above the bed, this can cause tension and stress in your life, it bring unhappy chi down from above , causing problems between partners.

5. Don't place you bed with your top head or foot is directly pointing to any door, this is call - coffin position, it can cause a person to weaken their health,wealth and luck.

6. Don't place your bed headboard resting on a bathroom wall, the bad chi from the bathroom can cause bad health,luck, and wealth. If you have no choice, place a bedroom mountain picture above the headboard will reduce this problem.

7. Don't keep any water images in the bedroom - Remove any water images from the bedroom. Water creates an energy field of too much emotion. When people have water in their bedroom, it can also create problems in their relationship... including lack of passion, because the water cools down the fire.
It can also interfere with concentration for students and cause emotional problems for children. Remove any water images or fountains and place them where life is more active in your home. For similar reasons, it's not a good idea to have an aquarium in a bedroom. If you can't move it, at least cover it at night.

8. Don't hang harmful pictures in you r bedroom. - Carefully choose the images you hang above your bed. What hangs above your bed needs to connect with what you dream about at night or in your life. If you are single and interested in attracting love, don't hang a picture of a single person as this is not what you are dreaming of. Instead, hang an image of a tender couple.

Don't hang depressing images, aggressive, chaotic images, images of fierce animals or overpowering images of nature. What hangs above you influences you each night, and you don't have any defense against it as you sleep, so choose images that support your dreams and soothe your spirit.

9. Don't keep live plants and in the bedroom - Keep plants out of the bedroom. They are symbols of yang energy and are said to spoil romance.

10. Don't place your bedroom above the kitchen,storeroom or garage, The bad or unsuitable chi can cause a lot of problem on relationship,wealth and health, if you have no choice, place a one inch rose quartz crystal in the SW of your bedroom to soften it.

Author - Dhealing Forum master atan

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