The 10 Don't in Feng Shui

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2. Kitchen.

1. Do not place your kitchen under or next to a bathroom.

2. Do not Place your stove under a big beam.

3. Do not face your stove to water basin or refrigerator, this can lead to arguments and conflict within the family. Fire and water fight each other

4. Do not clutter your kitchen, stagnant and dirty chi is no good for food. Clean out your food cupboards and refrigerator regularly.

5. Do not place stove near windows and skylights - the chi can flow out of the house.

6. Do not design the kitchen door be in a direct line with the back door or front door of the house. That placement allows the chi to flow from the kitchen all the way outside. If your doors are placed in line, keep the kitchen door closed, or use plants to block the flow.

7. Do not delay in maintaining the stove, A stove that is not in good working order implies a problem with financial resources. If any part of the stove (burners, oven light, fan, etc.) does not work, get it fixed as soon as possible.

8. Do not leave you stove unused - An unused stove implies untapped resources or ignored opportunities. Even if all you do is boil water for tea, rotate which burner you set the kettle on so that all of them get regular use! And use the oven, too, from time to time, instead of always relying on the microwave.

9. Do not place your Kitchen in the North West sector of your House.

10. Do not use any shape objects in the pots or flying pan at any time.

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Date : March 09, 2006

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