The 10 Don't in Feng Shui

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4. New Member Posting.

1. Don't post without reading the Dhealing forum Terms and Conditions.

2. Don't post more the once the same question/topic in the open forum.

3. Don't ask for guarantee result from any members or advisers.

4. Don't post external link in the open forum.

5. Don't ask for more than 2 questions per post.

6. Don't ask for prediction like - will I be rich or will I get married.

7. Don't post drawing without compass directions.

8. Don't post you question in the wrong open forum.

9. Don't use dhealing forum to insult others.

10. Don't insult or block others from practicing their way of Feng Shui or advises.

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Date : Fri March 1, 2006