The 10 Don't in Feng Shui

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3. Salt and Coins cure.

1. Don't use sugar instead of salt in the preparation of SCC.

2. Don't place the SCC in the bathroom or kitchen or store room.

3. Don't place the SCC near fire or water or TV - at least 12 inches away will be ok.....

4. Don't place the SCC in an enclose area - cabinet or panel.

5. Don't use mix currency coins but FS coins can mix with FS coins.

6. Don't place the SCC when it is not animal,child or broom safe.

7. Don't place the SCC together with other cures,enhancer or Alter. - at least 12 inches away is ok.....

8. Don't touch the the SCC without a hand glove.

9. Don't add salt to the SCC at any time.

10. Don't place the SCC outside your house.

Dhealing master atan
Date : March 04, 2006

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