There was a village that had been experiencing drought for 5 consecutive years . Many famous Rainmakers had been called , but they had all failed to make rain . In the villagers' last attempt, they called upon a renowned Rainmaker from afar. When he arrived in the village, he set up his tent and disappeared inside it for 4 days . On the fifth day , the rain started to fall and quenched the thirst of the parched earth . The people of the village asked the Rainmaker how he had accomplished such a miracle .

The Rainmaker replied , " I have done nothing . "

Astounded at his explanation , the villagers said , " How can that be ? After you came , 4 days later the rain started. "

The Rainmaker explained , " When I arrived , the first thing I noticed was that everything in your village was out of harmony with heaven . So I spent 4 days putting myself into harmony with the Divine . Then the rains came .
Author : Carl Jung