Aura 3

Heart (empathy) "Wildflower Violet"
The color on the heart represents the energy of one's feeling for himself and others. This is the center of compassion, love, sensitivity and connection with the universe.

Wild Flower Violet heart: You glow with a magical and mysterious inner light. There's something different and other worldly about you. You have a "sixth sense", and a strong connection with the divine. You live by faith and believe in miracles. Always seeming to be in the right place at the right time, you are magically guided by a higher power. You work to heal yourself and others. Always seeing the bigger picture, and yourself reflected in the cosmos, the mundane details of life often bore you ; paying the bills seem far less important than you daily meditation or writing down visions from dreams or pondering your favorite current fantasy. You exist in another world far more beautiful and humane than the one everyone else lives in. Wild flower violet here may reflect in other parts of your aura photo, making it look white.

Solar Plexus "Wildflower Violet"
The color on the solar plexus is normally the center vibration of your being. The Solar Plexus is associated with power, money, and called the "money pot" by the Hindus. This is the center of self esteem, and ego.

Wild flower Violet solar plexus:
You are probably experiencing feelings of magic and heighten spirituality. White signifies oneness with the divine. Violet represents power of the imagination and magic. A healing is transforming you being at the very center of your soul. You may be "floating on air" as you immerse your ego and personality in the spiritual dimension. You know the beauty of white light attracts all beings at every level of existence. You may be feeling you are entering s time to assist others in transition or made transition yourself.

end of aura 3

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