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I believe Atan to be a very gifted, spiritual and holy man. I have sensed his love and compassion for all mankind from the moment I have seen His pictures on this site. I know that he is a powerful healer and I just know this as Spirit tells me so, thousands of miles away in these United States. I pray that he is safe and well especially this day of a massive earthquake in his region. A lot of people will need his comfort and healing. My prayers care with you always Atan.

Frank Goodness

We are very happy that an opportunity like this is shown by atan in our temple for all devotees to come closer to God and avail themselves of the abundantly present Divine Power to heal their illnesses, learn to become blessed Divine healers, and help themselves to evolve into higher souls all through the Divine grace of Lord Kartigeya. We are very grateful to atan for introducing this subject to Sri Kartigeya’s devotees and imparting them the knowledge of Divine healing and blessing in the Sri Kartigeya temple.

Sri Kartigeya Committee

Hello Atan,
This is a picture of the woman for whom you blessed the rose quartz crystal.
This is her as she walked out of her office after 5 or 10 minutes of holding
it in her left hand. Much more smiley than when she went in. When I told
her you said to put it on the desk she said she thought it would be better
in her pocket - I don't think she could put it down yet!
I didn't stay too long but she was all smiles!
Thank you for your gift to my friend.
With gratitude and thanks