THIRUVASI – The Thiruvasi (cosmic arch) represents creation emanating from an infinite cosmic source. It also signifies the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution. BROKEN RIGHT TUSK – The broken tusk conveys that one must conquer emotions with wisdom to attain perfection. It is also the symbol of sacrifice, as Lord Ganesha sacrificed His most valuable possession to record the Mahabaratha. BLESSINGS – The lower right hand, signifies that Lord Ganesha’s blessings and protection for His devotees. ARMS – The four arms indicate that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. The left side symbolizes emotions and the right side symbolizes reasons. BIG BELLY – The big belly signifies the large capacity for a perfect individual to face pleasant and unpleasant experiences of the world. It is also a symbol of the infinite universe that encompasses all divine creation. MUSHIKA VAHANA – Lord Ganesha’s vehicle, the Mushika (mouse) represents service. It is the vehicle for the desire to serve the world, to move about and act to uphold dharma or truth. MODAKAM – The modakam is a symbol of what He loves most, moksha (liberation), the sweetest of all things sweet. It is His reward for sadhana and devotion. TUSK – The two tusks denote the two aspects of human personality. The right represents wisdom and the left represents emotion. TRUNK – The trunk is highly efficient and adaptable. Likewise, the human mind must be versatile enough to face the ups and downs of the external world and yet be delicate enough to explore the subtle realms of the inner world. PASHA – Lord Ganesha uses the pasha (noose), to encircle souls that have strayed, and draws them on the right path towards union with God. EARS –The large ears signify that a perfect person is the one who possesses a great capacity to listen and assimilate ideas. HEAD – The large head symbolizes understanding, wisdom and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life.
  • In Hindu culture Ganapaty or Lord Ganesha is always worshipped before starting any Pooja or Homa. Lord Ganapathy eradicates all difficulties faced by an individual.

  • According to the legend performing Ganapathy Homa at least once in a year will give prosperity, health ,wealth and peace of mind to the individual who is performing it. Ganapathy Homa should be performed on all possible auspicious occasions be it starting a new project or even your birthday.

  • Before starting any new venture or anything afresh, Ganesh puja is must. If one is suffering from losses, when starting a new business or investments or when one is getting married, or to remove obstacles or for celebration of your or your child's birthday, Ganpathy homa is recommended. Done to remove obstacles, for gravhapravesham
  • Ganesha has two wives-Riddhi (prosperity) and Siddhi (success). Thus anyone who has His blessings will automatically get prosperity and success.

  • It is Perform during any auspicious beginning like commencing a business etc.

  • It Improve family bondage.

  • It is performed to overcome diseases.

  • It is performed for achieving planned objectives without hindrance.

  • It is performed for success in works/projects without any problems.

  • It is performed for education, marriage, health and wealth.

  • It is performed to attain prosperity in various aspects of life.

  • It is also done at the beginning of other Homas